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Programmers always think how they can get better at writing the codes. There are such points which I wanna share to improve your coding skills.

  1. Practice makes a man Perfect, so code code code code and code..
  2. Write a lot of code from small program to big programs. Small Programs will also improve some of your programming skills much more rapidly.
  3. Try to modify the existing programs written by other programmers. Reading other’s code without having a previous knowledge is a valuable skill. This will also help you learn how to write maintenanble code.
  4. Spend a lot of time ReFactoring and improving programs, even if they work fine.
  5. Learn about the Software Design Patterns
  6. Try to broaden your horizon. By learning the multiple programming languages. With each language you will lead how to do things better in other programming languages.
    Learn different king of programming languages – Object Oriented, Procedural, Functional, etc.
  7. If you fix any bug, always try to find out the way to avoid it at very first place.
  8. Always code in such a way, which other programmers can understand easily. Like use of proper name for variables and functions.

Happy Coding !!

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